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  • Out of the Past

    Out of the Past


    Noir continues to be one of my all time favorite genres and this movie is just another example of its  storytelling power. The movie goes in  all sorts of interesting directions. The combination of Mitchum and Douglas is magnificent. Wonderful film.

  • The Sand Pebbles

    The Sand Pebbles


    Watched last night, overall disappointing. I wanted to enjoy this more but found myself not interested. There are good shots, cool costumes and good McQueen/Attenborough moments. But the overall film was a little dull.

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  • North by Northwest

    North by Northwest


    Always a fun rewatch. This is one of those movies me and my dad would watch constantly growing up so it holds a special place in my heart. That suit, that damn blue suit. Give me it Alfred.

  • Tenet



    Look, everything you expect to be amazing is amazing, the score, the images, the acting. I think it’s enjoyable for the most part, however I felt nothing really when it ended. I like the concept, but something just feels stiff about this movie. John David Washington is a great leading man and Pattinson is a lot of fun too. Yes the action sequences are incredible but the story just leaves a lot to be desired. A lot of the scenes just feel stale and lifeless. Just my opinion need to see again, loved being back at the theater.