The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★★

Shane black’s 2016 crime-comedy is easily one of favourite films of the last decade and of all time. Gosling is hilarious as the Bumbling, emotionally fragile detective, Holland March. Russel Crowe’s Jackson Healy is a perfect foil for march’s Stupidity and incompetence as a detective and as a father figure for Holly, Holland’s daughter. Speaking of which, angourie rice serves as the films moral compass, this is particularly evident in scenes with Russell Crowe. Black and Bagarozzi’s script is full of razor-sharp, Whimsical exchanges, concepts, one-liners that often fill my thoughts to the point where I wish I had thought of them first. The production design is also spot-on for the late 1970’s. 
in summary, I love it and you will too.

To the birds.

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