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  • We Are Your Friends

    We Are Your Friends


    One of the most overlooked and under appreciated studio films of the decade.

  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    Many (myself included) thought this had to potential to be boring but that is the last word I'd use to describe Phantom Thread. Engaging, hilarious, sadistic, those sound right. Can't believe Woodcock felt like he could have been an Alex Ross Perry character!!! I was convinced there was no way PTA could make another masterpiece in a row, but now I'm convinced he's literally unstoppable.

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  • Boyhood



    1. This is a film that EVERYONE born in early/mid 90's NEEDS to see.

    2. This is a film that defines a generation.

    3. This movie is like a journey back through time.

    4. Boyhood(and Under the Skin for that matter), proves that there is a lot of originality left in filmmaking.

    5. I don't think any other film besides Inherent Vice will top this for movie of the year.

    6. I could have continued watching this for another six hours without getting bored.

    7. Never has any film I've seen felt more real.

    8. This is Richard Linkater's magnum opus.

  • Lars and the Real Girl

    Lars and the Real Girl


    Good prequel to Drive. Shows Driver becoming a real human being.