2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

There isn't much left to say about 2001 that hasn't been said before, but there are many people I've seen compare 2001 to Gravity. I think that is quite insulting.

People are calling Gravity the greatest sci-fi/space movie since 2001, and that's a load of shit. Gravity is a CGI shitfest, and completely unimpressive. Almost the ENTIRE film is completely made with CGI, and it's incredibly noticeable, yet 45 years ago Kubrick made 2001 with all practical effects, which looks SO much better. If anything I find Gravity depressing. 45 years after 2001, and we can't even come close to making a better looking space film? That is fucking pathetic. Technology may have advanced, but it sure has hell seems like film as a medium hasn't(in the case of comparing 2001 to Gravity).

Another thing which 2001 does so much better is having characters I actually care about. I felt more for HAL then I did for Ryan, and HAL is a fucking computer! I didn't give a shit at all about Ryan.

Despite how much it sounds like I'm hating on Gravity, I don't think it's a bad film, just not a great one, and I think it's completely unfair to compare it to a masterpiece like 2001.

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