Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★★★★

Being a huge fan of Retribution I can assure you Paul W.S. Anderson stand that Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is incredible and a fitting "conclusion" to the series.

PWSA has really grown a lot as a genre auteur since the start of his career, there's a big growth in how shoots action in frame shots. Unlike most directors who make video game films, PWSA knows to put in scenes that make the film really feel like it has ties to the franchise. Most noticeably here was what felt like a boss fight right out of Resident Evil 4, it was awesome! He may or may not be at the top of his game here, it's hard to tell.

There's two very big issues I have with TFC which I'm really surprise exist. The first is that editor must have been in heavy amounts of cocaine at all times. The cuts here are VERY FAST. Some of the times it works, most of the time it goes to quickly to really appreciate PWSA's work. The other which is really shocking is that the lighting is terrible. This might be a bit more enjoyable in a lit room but this is a very dark film. Combined with the cocaine induced editing, this really hinders what is a very visually drive film. Lack of colors and a very apocalyptic setting don't help this.

This is what keeps TFC from topping Retribution for me, but everything else is here. For a series I really could care less about the story or characters, I was very pleased with the "conclusion". I wouldn't be surprised if they made more or a spin off, and to be honest, I hope they do because PWSA is really great when he's working with this franchise.

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