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  • Chet Baker: Let's Get Lost
  • Masculin Féminin
  • The Comedy
  • Lost in Translation

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  • The Deer Hunter


  • Police Story 2


  • Police Story 3: Super Cop


  • The Matrix Revolutions


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  • The Daughter

    The Daughter

    I hated this film. Simon Stone's The Daughter is a disjointed collage of dramatic one-liners, with characters so lacking in nuance they come across less like humans and more like two dimensional mouthpieces for vague tragic whimsy. Each line in this film is so isolated and so contextless we're left feeling nothing for the characters who deliver them. Stone is so caught up in one-upping the stakes from one scene to the next he leaves little room for genuine emotion - as if his idea of compelling cinema is simply 'bad things happen.'

  • Jess + Moss

    Jess + Moss

    Did somebody make a film out of my old MSN logs? Such hipster bullshit nonsense and I love it.