Dior and I

Dior and I ★★★

A film that I found thoroughly engaging, but probably only because I have a personal interest in the subject matter. Otherwise - I'm not sure if there would have been much for me to enjoy.

The photography starts beautifully, with slow landscape shops of the breath-taking Parisian urban landscape - from their however, it takes a back seat to the narrative.

The problem is that there isn't much of a narrative. I get the feeling that the directors were expecting a lot more conflict than they received - and that's perfectly understandable, Raff Simmons, a minimalist designer is hired as head couturist of the revolutionary design house Dior - a brand known for their elegant, extravagant designs.

Unfortunately for these documentarians, it turns out the decision making council know what they're doing - and so does Simmons. Aside from a few disagreements, everything goes off without a hitch. Leaving us with a fairly straightforward, not all that particularly insightful documentary.

3 stars because I fuck with Raff