Fast Five

Fast Five ★★★★

The fast and furious franchise finally gets injected with steroids it needs and amplifies the no brainer action comedy thrills to the next level. Every action sequence, leaving aside realism and the law of physics, is just filled with highs and rushes. The addition of Dwayne Johnson simply adds to the fun, pitting him up against Vin Diesel is an entertainment guaranteed masterstroke. The dynamic cinematography & action choreography just got more ridiculous, exciting and crazier. The final 30 mins was pure adrenaline rush stuff. The soundtrack was kickass as usual. Fast five is hands down the best of its five installment so far. Highly recommended. 

“This just went from Mission impossible to Mission: in-freaking-sanity”

“Money comes and goes but family is forever. The most important thing in life will always be the people in this room. Right here, right now. Salute, mi familia.”

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