Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings ★★★½

Such a fun movie!

This is actually my third or fourth time watching this film. Want to point out before I talk about the actual movie briefly how much I love the IMAX feature on Disney+. Why is every movie not given to us like this? 

So yeah I really don’t have many complaints with this movie. Only one I noticed here and it is being very picky I’ll admit is the lighting. A lot of the night scenes didn’t feel like natural lighting. Thats honestly it. 

Not saying this film is perfect because it’s not. It doesn’t blow me away or anything but it has an innocent charm to it. I think it’s a great origin story. My second favourite movie origin story in the MCU behind iron man. 

I love the villain in this movie. I know a lot of MCU villains are not well revived with good reason but this one is excellent. All the acting is great. So happy Ben Kingsley came back for this as well. 

Also I want to say that all the standard traits of the MCU work so well in this movie. The humour is really good. It works when they use it. The big CGI fight at the end looks amazing and fits in the plot. 

I really enjoy this film! I can’t wait to see a second one. Hoping for an announcement on that soon! Biggest surprise of phase 4 MCU (movies) so far I’d say. 


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