Eternals ★★

Meh. This is the first Marvel movie I've seen in many years, and it confirmed that I'll never be able to get back into this franchise. The characters are underdeveloped, the action scenes are run of the mill, and there's severe tonal whiplash. It feels like Chloe Zhao wanted to make something more somber and epic than other Marvel movies, but that tone is ruined whenever Kingo opens his mouth. Also, as if one bad comic relief character wasn't enough, there's a second one, Kingo's valet, and he doesn't do anything. This movie is simultaneously overstuffed and lacking. Kingo's valet and a lot of other terrible comedy stuff could've been left on the cutting room floor to improve the pacing. As for the movie lacking, this ties into how underdeveloped the characters are. For example, Sprite loves Ikaris and takes his side in the third act, but her love for him is never shown beforehand. Instead, Kingo mentions her love of Ikaris in one scene in the second act. How is it four people wrote this and none of them had ever heard show, don't tell? Overall, this movie feels like a typical Kevin Feige-produced product mashed together with a movie that is desperately attempting to be deep, and the result is a mess that fails to be either competently constructed or thought-provoking.

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