Mohawk ★★½

It has been at least two years since I saw this film, but I vividly remember being disappointed. What sticks out the most in my memory is that Geoghegan should stick to confined spaces; the sense of geography in Mohawk is really awkward. A character will run into the frame from one part of the woods, attack someone, run out of the frame, and the person who was attacked just stands there as if the assailant was a ghost who has vanished into thin air; it feels really amateurish.

Also, whereas We Are Still Here's tonal shift at the end was refreshingly out of left-field, Mohawk's descent into gory schlock is completely predictable. Not every film needs to take an unexpected turn, but Mohawk's standard revenge plot is coupled with one-dimensional characters, and the gore is the only aspect of the filmmaking that impressed me.

Overall, it's a disappointingly average revenge film. Go watch We Are Still Here instead. 5/10