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  • Dying of the Light

    Dying of the Light


    Review of Dark, Paul Schrader's director's cut of Dying of the Light:

    An admirable attempt by Schrader to recover his film. Sadly, Dying of the Light's terrible producer commissioned score infects many of the scenes, but Schrader is able to tighten up the pacing, remove the worst scenes, and where he can, he inserts a new score that gives the film a much more somber atmosphere. The low-res workprint footage kinda works to Schrader's advantage, making the intentionally jarring editing…

  • Night Tide

    Night Tide


    Night Tide is a quiet psychological horror film that relies more on suggestion than anything else. Harrington was very clearly influenced by Val Lewton's horror films, particularly Cat People. Like Lewton's horror films, Night Tide spends a lot of time building the characters and the atmosphere, with the horror culminating in a small handful of scenes. These scenes are where the film really shines; Harrington uses camera moves and lighting in creative ways that are a thrill to behold.