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  • Bambi



    An animated classic that's so much more than a single plot point. This is, perhaps, the most definitive coming-of-age story ever committed to film, centered on a mother-son relationship that's honest, natural, and beautifully understated. AND CAN WE PLEASE ALL SPEND MORE TIME TALKING ABOUT FRANK CHURCHILL & EDWARD PLUMB'S SOARING, SUMPTUOUS SCORE!!

    N.B. With the possible exception of THE LITTLE MERMAID, I think this may be the only Disney film that, in the right hands, could benefit from a live-action (read: photo-real CGI) remake.

  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast


    You wish to hear a tale that’s as old as time itself? How about the saga of a film studio desperate to recapture the magic? We’ve seen Sleeping Beauty from the perspective of the antagonist; had Mowgli’s adventures in the jungle painstakingly retold to us with photo-real clarity; and found ourselves faced with Tim Burton’s warped vision of Wonderland… Never mind finding out if an angelic heroine will be strong enough to break the evil spell placed on a conceited…

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  • Café Society

    Café Society


    What charms us are the cast. Jesse Eisenberg tactfully embodies the awkward magnetism we fondly remember being an intrinsic part of Allen’s own persona in the likes of Annie Hall and Manhattan, without ever lapsing into impersonation: the director’s wonderfully witty dialogue brilliantly brought to life through Bobby’s edgy demeanour. But it’s Kristen Stewart, an actress unfairly dismissed by many as simply having a sulky screen presence, who captivates. It’s a performance that’s subtle, never sullen. Vonnie’s level-headed intelligence and…

  • Chronic



    As an analysis of terminal sickness, Chronic has the power to be one of the most clinically honest & devastating films you’ll see this year. However, Franco succinctly balances such overwhelming sorrow by intrinsically infusing the story with moments of wry wit – many of them courtesy of the magnificent Michael Cristofer – that ensure it is always accessible to the audience.

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