James Milam

Accumulator of VHS. Consumer of global genre cinema. Founder of Saint Louis Video Society.

Favorite films

  • Asedio criminal
  • Marie-Octobre
  • The Last Real Men
  • My Beloved

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  • A Night in Nude


  • I, the Executioner


  • Rad


  • The Yellow Rolls-Royce


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  • Hasta Que El Sol Se Oculte (Víctimas De La Noche)

    Hasta Que El Sol Se Oculte (Víctimas De La Noche)


    Extreme Mexican sleaze about a sick, twisted family that abducts women, chains them in a basement, and makes them into drugged-up prostitutes. The "bad son" getting stabbed in the penis in the first five minutes of the movie really sets the tone.

    Includes a lot of cuts to a $14.99 Spirit Halloween witch automaton (pictured), that doesn't seem to have any connection to the plot.

  • In the Line of Duty 4

    In the Line of Duty 4


    Fun fights, lots of action, not much else going on. Sadly feels like the first Tiger Cage was a tipping point for Yuen Woo Ping as a director able to tie action to engaging plot.