The Spy Who Dumped Me ★★★

There are so many movies about regular people unexpectedly pulled into a crime/spy setting and learning to be a little more confidant by comically adapting to this new role.

As far as these movies go, THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME is alright. Kunis and McKinnon are good, though sometimes I think McKinnon has more chaotic energy than the director knows what to do with. There's kind of a tendency to let takes run a little too long (possibly to make the actors improv a little more) that feels like it's trying evoke a Paul Feig style, which doesn't do the movie any favors. Let a Susanna Fogel movie be in a Susanna Fogel style!

Fogel is a talented writer (BOOKSMART) and shows off her capacity for comedy best when Kunis and McKinnon are alone together. Justin Theroux was in it too! Hi Justin!