Victor Frankenstein ★½

A slog to sit through.

It took me forever to watch this, its one of those films that just slipped past me. However, i eventually came into contact with it and have now watched it. Yeah, i couldve definitely let it slip past me eternally. This wasnt good.

The cast is well intentioned. Daniel Radcliffe is a version of the Hunchback, who is the protagonist and point of view character of the film. James McAvoy plays the mad scientist Victor Frankenstein, well intentioned by completely blinded by God-like aspirations. McAvoy’s Frankenstein is wacky and, to be frank, a bit of an asshole. You dont like him much at all and you tolerate him less and less as the film progresses. Radcliffe’s Hunchback has no depth - he’s all surface value. His romantic subplot is worthless and timewasting.

The film is slow in pace and rather dull. Its not very exciting or scary or darkly comedic or anything of that sort. Its just boring. The film tries to freshen a well worn tale by positioning it from a different character’s point of viewing and tweaking the story but it ends up worse then the older versions. It tries and it fails.

Its one of those films destined to be forever forgotten by film fans and anyone else.