The Wolverine

The Wolverine ★★★½

I had a much better time watching this film for the second time and in comparison, I didn't feel fatigued at all. I was able to appreciate all of the great stuff in this movie and also pick out some of the mediocre aspects:

-The opening sequence of Logan in the wild exacting revenge on a pack of hunters just puts a smile on my face to watch, as we see a brutal Wolverine who has nothing to lose put in a situation which is extremely fun to see how it plays out.

-The Japan setting is really cool and it uses parts of their culture such as 'unique' hotels and bullet trains to create memorable scenes which rival a lot of scenes in the main franchise.

-Logan's inability to heal makes for an interesting plot as we see him approach situations from a completely different angle and adapt to his new 'form'.

-The action in this film is done really well (when it occurs), especially the scenes incorporating Japan's differences from the rest of the world like the layered Japanese building and the incredible bullet train sequence.

-The villains in this film is the thing that brings my score down for the most part, as they are extremely forgettable and don't have any standout scenes where we see their powers and motivations. Viper is lacking in almost every aspect of being a villain and Silver Samurai, despite looking really cool with great CGI, the reveal of who was in the suit felt forced and failed to add much to the narrative.

-The third act is yet again quite forgettable with lackluster villain showdowns and forgettable character moments, reverting almost everything back to the way it was before the film started.

-That post-credits scene in the airport is a contender for my favourite of all time. It has some incredible character interactions and subverts your expectations with the arrival of Xavier, setting up Days of Future Past incredibly well.

Overall, The Wolverine is a great film for most of its runtime but fails to hit the mark in the final act. With some amazing moments and a phenomenal post-credits scene it proves that wolverine can succeed in a solo movie, even if the characters surrounding him aren't the most interesting.