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  • Inglorious Bastards 2: Hell's Heroes

    Inglorious Bastards 2: Hell's Heroes


    There's nothing like going AWOL in Vietnam, so least hell's heroes manage to make the most of it. Or are they? I had a hard time seeing the action because of the dark cinematography. I wish that wasn't case. It's a bit of a shame that while the action scenes are decent, they are hampered by the amount of dialogue, so a balance between the two would've helped. I guess you could say that war is a kind of hell…

  • Independents



    I was so absorbed by this that I didn't want it end. I took in anecdotes and the vivid illustrations with ecstasy. My viewing experience was intimate, and in some ways, I saw myself in the artists' shoes as I gained insight into their struggles and what goes on in their minds. I know I'm rambling a bit, so you'll just have to bear with me. The point is that the art life, particularly that of the independent comic book…

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  • Dead End Drive-In

    Dead End Drive-In


    Brian Trenchard-Smith's depiction of a dystopian future is as visually striking as it is anti-authoritarian. It's a future that, while exaggerated for effect at times, isn't far off from the current state of the world. That may sound like a bleak comparison, but I'm not pointing that out just because I'm reminded of how far gone things have become. My concern has more to do with the extent that a government exercises its control over its citizens because it's easy…

  • Spookies



    What a wild experience. This is a movie that as soon as the title appears, you are taken to another world. It is a world in which the surrealness is defined by the amalgamation of eerie synth music, a birthday party which no one attends, protean creatures, and the uncertainty as to what opening a door invites. Such elements make for an atmosphere that while spooky, is not without provoking interest as to how the characters familiarize themselves with the…