Eve of Destruction ★★★★

This starts off as seemingly by-the-numbers due to the fact that the military is involved in testing an android known as Eve VIII, who has been created by a group of scientists, but it doesn't take long until the consequences of the Eve's actions come to light. There's the aspect of technology going awry, which is of great concern to the military and Dr. Simmons, particularly because it brings to mind the question of how much sentience an android should have. Eve VIII doesn't know how to deal with being mistreated, so while it's never really made clear if her sensitivity is part of her programming or if it's something that she is able to learn, how she retaliates against those that she sees as against her is indicative of her desire to be treated with respect even though her efforts in ensuring that are misguided. The fact that she is so destructive is significant not only because it's a cause for concern, but also because her programming comes off as not having its limits. That is not to say that having her act within the confines of her limits would've prevented her from lashing out, but perhaps it would've made her more likely to think before acting impulsively.

The action scenes, particularly the shootouts, are paired with cinematography which aids the pacing of them. The excitement that results from the pairing doesn't wear thin as Eve is relentless in her acts of violence. She has no remorse, which may come off as one-dimensional, but her motives remain clear throughout. She even goes so far as to kidnap Dr. Simmons' child, which proves to be a challenge in such a way that keep you on the edge of your seat because Jim McQuade is told not to shoot the child and because he hasn't had to pursue an android before. That said, McQuade and Eve's rivalry has its twists and turns that help to spice things up.

This is enjoyable for what it is even if it does feel deritative in some places, but its psychotronic tendencies help it to stand out enough on its own without relying on those too much. If you can overlook the flaws, you'll find this to be worth your time.