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  • Film catastrophe

    Film catastrophe


    The extended footage of Godard at work is invaluable, but Film Catastrophe merely reiterates the ideas of Film Socialisme rather than expanding upon them. Feels more like a footnote to Godard's film than a unique, fully formed vision in its own right

  • Us and Them

    Us and Them


    This movie is to 70s Godard what Tarantino is to 60s Godard

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  • Glass



    The Village updated for the age of the digital. A scathing critique of the control mechanisms employed by an authoritarian society to force its citizens into a state of complacency, wilful ignorance and acquiesce that renders them unable to even see themselves as prisoners. And, like The Village, it ends on a genuinely powerful note of hope in the form of the emancipatory potential of techno-progressivism

  • Histoire(s) du Temps

    Histoire(s) du Temps


    “In a striking manner, film was able to recount its own history in a way quite different from the other arts. And in montage alone, there was a story, or attempts at stories, told in film’s own language. One can put a Goya after an El Greco, and the two images recount something without the need for a caption. One doesn’t see that anywhere else. […] And for cinema, little by little, it could be done, and this principle would…