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This review may contain spoilers.

ok, so i'm going to try to actually be serious for once so here it goes
-this is a new perspective on the superhero movie genre, it's like part lion king, part hamlet, and part game of thrones and it just feels so fresh and original because of that
-chadwick boseman was born to play t'challa/the black panther
-danai gurira, winston duke, and letitia wright were so awesome. *THE* scene stealers of the movie and i'm so excited to see them in infinity war!!
-michael b. jordan was excellent as killmonger, simply the best. the best mcu villain since loki, he's probably an even better villain than loki tbh
-the best marvel score/soundtrack since...ever
i honestly can't think of a better birthday gift to myself. i am WIGLESS.

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