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    Too much stupid, but it is kinda fun and paced enjoyably.

    If you're wondering why there's a little Nazi speaking Spanish, there's also a Confederate Flag hung up in the van with two black men riding along. Multi-racial white supremacy is an underdeveloped theme of the movie.

  • Hitch Hike

    Hitch Hike


    Why the hell would you pick up David Hess on the side of the road? Further more, why would you be Franco Nero picking up David Hess on the side of the road? And even further, why would you be Corinne Cléry as Nero's wife while he picks up David Hess hitch hiking?

    Dark yet entertaining exploitation, I tell ya.

    Kudos for the brutality on highway patrol.

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  • Savage Beasts

    Savage Beasts


    Wild Beasts is similar to Cannibal Holocaust: it's a fine example of exploitation cinema, but it has moral flaws that diminish the experience.

    Like CH, it's about humanity's cruelty to nature, and it inflicts real cruelty on some of the animals onscreen.

    Spoilers and I don't care: Rats are torched and stamped on, a hyena bites a pig and a lion attacks a bovid in controlled settings, and rats gang up on a cat that might be bleeding for real.…

  • Come and See

    Come and See


    This isn't just a war movie, whether in the sense of dramatized military combat or life during wartime. But this setting is important, not just historically, but emotionally. A teenage boy's life goes from innocence to hell after his village is shelled by Nazi aircraft and he's conscripted into a partisan troop to fight off the invasion. He gets the worst kind of reality check, which blasts him with guilt before he's lived enough to hurt anybody. Then things get…