Hellbound: Hellraiser II

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Whereas the original Hellraiser was an evil study into the consequences of greed and lust with the monsters only on the fringes of the film, it's sequel is an excuse to put a lot of gore on screen and little else.
After an unnecessary catch up sequence of events from the original, we find that Kirsty has been sectioned because no one believes that her family were killed by inter-dimensional beings thanks to that dude who turned into a bat thing and flew off the with the pandora's style box at the end of Hellraiser.
She's being treated by the mysterious Dr. Channard who is also looking into the case of a mute girl who is good at solving puzzles. There are no prizes for guessing what he's really after. Bringing back the vile Julia Cotton from out of the mattress she died on withy promises that she will show him wondrous things.
The film certainly doesn't show it's audience wondrous things. We are treated to repeatedly gory scenes of sex and death while the threadbare story which would barely fill half an hour plops along. The cenobites, the monsters who were kept in the background for much of the original, are brought to the fore front of the film for no other reason than to growl a lot and cause more gore.
Ashley Laurence who held together the first film well has little to do other than scream and run a lot while Claire Higgins Julia is this time more of a pantomime villain than the sinister and plotting woman she was in the original.
Hellbound is a complete waste of a film. It shows nothing of the mastery it's predecessor had and would only be of interest if you fancy having your senses battered by poorly strung together scenes of bloodiness. For a film series that centres heavily on the theme of desire, it's hard to imagine anything further from it than this.