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  • Vortex



    "Ou bien si peu de chose
    C'est mon amie la rose
    Qui l'a dit hier matin"

    The dream within the dream ends as a lifetime of literature and belongings is emptied from a family home. We spend a lifetime and leave with so little.

    Here's a verse from Ecco2k

    Ooh-ooh, could it be?
    That heaven is fleeting and always
    And nothing is forever, and wishing will get you nowhere
    Ooh-ooh, what a dream, go to sleep
    And wake up tomorrow
    Funny how I'm always on the head of the arrow (Ooh-ooh)

  • Lady Bird

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  • Crimes of the Future

    Crimes of the Future


    A film so grotesque it could only be the caesarian section twin to Videodrome where the flesh is once again pulled back. Cronenberg wields the actors bodies and most foul artistic expression as an autopsy into what the future of art might look like. Sex not replaced by surgery but becoming it. A child is born to bear his parents sin, an eerie alarm bell of the next generations micro-plastics and dystopian cancers. Family autopsy being Saul's next wicked fantasy.

  • Thief



    when he said tiny car salesman I thought he meant he sold tiny cars