To the Wonder

To the Wonder ★★★★

There are many beautiful moments in Malick's latest effort. A simple, but maybe too simple love story filled with pain and love, often with a surprisingly sexual tone and a sense of genuine lust. One could say that it is what it is, and what it is is beautiful, but the overwhelming repetition and vagueness doesn't work as well when there's not so much to grasp in terms of story. A priest is loosing his faith. A couple is loosing their love. Malick is the right man to make films based on such broad themes, but where The Tree of Life had a true sense of direction, this felt like it didn't have too much to tell us.

It makes up for this fact is by having a lot to show us. The images, as one can expect of a Malick film, are beautiful, the editing both raw and tender, making an organic and intense experience which makes the film score high for me, despite it's flaws.

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