Life, and Nothing More...

Life, and Nothing More... ★★★★

'Life, and Nothing More…' or 'And Life Goes on', either way it's one of the most perfectly titled films I can think of.

There was such raw emotion throughout this as the father and son drove through the death and destruction caused by the earthquake. Amongst the pain there was such a warmth to be found. The resilience of people in the face of tragedy was so powerful.

Following their journey in that happy yellow car through such gorgeous landscapes was wonderful, but as to be expected it was the human encounters which made this.

There was a mesmerising quality to every interaction with people along the way and at the village.

The father son relationship was lovely, and I really adored the response to every obstacle encountered.

I enjoyed 'Where Is the Friend's Home?', and getting to see the village and some of its inhabitants again again after so much pain on the journey was really heart-warming.

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