Arrived in 2012 and stay around a while. Went AWOL 2015 & 2016. Back 2017 kind of. Away in 2018. Resurfacing in 2020?

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  • The Baker

    The Baker


    This is a crazy little  brit-com movie that falters and excels in equal measure to produce a daft, smart, crazy comedy romp. Full of British talent it’s a fun couple of hours and this is a an easy watch, expect to laugh and groan in equal measure but ultimately it’s worth a watch in my opinion. Made me smile.

  • Tenet


    A stinker not a thinker

    A disappointing boring waste of time punctuated by a few moments of genius. 

    Overall this is noisy, convoluted, bloated and has quite possibly, put me off going to the cinema.

    Jeeeez it’s a tedious film

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  • Buried



    Bloody hell, I was right in there with him - all the way.

  • The Secret

    The Secret


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