Batman Begins

Batman Begins ★★★★½

From a distant cave a mighty swarm slowly emerges. Ten thousand beating wings bruise the once golden horizon. Soaring higher and higher the collective darkness circles wildly above the Gotham city skyline transforming the sky into an inky gloom.

On a cornerstone situated high above the city a lone figure is silhouetted against the enormous neon green Wayne Enterprises sign board illuminating the mighty skyscraper for all to see, if they cared to look up.

The crouched character’s profile is powerful and with a sudden leap the Batman silently dives from his lofty position down through the swirling maelstrom of screaming bats, down towards the streets of Gotham.

It is time for the criminals of this polluted city to experience fear and dread as the night begins once more.

‘Batman begins’ is a fantastic movie and sets out a powerful tale about a man becoming more than he once was through his ability to tackle those fears that dwell deep within him. Rather than be overwhelmed by his fears and doubts he faces them all, immerses himself in them and begins a journey of self discovery that is rarely witnessed in any movie, let alone one relating to a character from a comic.

In addition he then sets out to inflict justice on those who seek out to destroy the lives of others. And he does this under the veil of darkness, using hard earned combat skills, courage and a mastery of psychological warfare as well as a kick ass selection of high tech gadgets.

Christopher Nolan skilfully weaves the storyline into this blockbuster movie from 2005 including a series of spectacular set pieces involving a host of great performances and special effects. But for me it is the terrific performance of Christian Bale that brings the characters of Bruce Wayne the victim, the arrogant billionaire, the seeker of truth and ultimately the bringer of justice to the cesspool that is Gotham city.

A very satisfying movie to begin the Dark Knight trilogy.