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I’ve got a lot of respect for David Fincher. He’s like the only director from ‘those’ group of filmmakers who I genuinely enjoy and think is something different and interesting. I think The Social Network and Gone Girl are two really great films, and while Se7en and Fight Club don’t stick the landing for me, I can still appreciate them as being ‘ite’.

I reckon Zodiac is different to these two cases, because what we have here is a good film in essence, but which can really drag at times and leaves me wondering why it’s 2 and a half hours. It just doesn’t need to be. But the final 45 minutes are brilliant, although after doing some research I feel like the ending is a tiny bit manipulative maybe? I’m not sure, it’s definitely a sticky one still due to the subject matter and the ambiguity of the case which the film centres around. 

But yeah, it’s pretty decent. I liked it.

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