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  • The Big Short

    The Big Short


    You know how Ratatouille makes you want French food or how Captain America makes you want to punch a Nazi? This movie is like that, but for betting against the American economy.

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    [No. 55 /// 2021]

  • Vice



    If nothing else, Vice makes a 132-minute case for Adam McKay desperately needing to get out of Adam McKay’s way sometimes.

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    [No. 54 /// 2021]

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  • John Mulaney: New in Town

    John Mulaney: New in Town


    13-YEAR-OLD: You don’t make enough progress on your watchlist because you watch John Mulaney’s stand-up specials far too often.

    ME: No! That’s the thing I’m sensitive about!

  • Megamind



    In a perfect world, Megamind would’ve been the 2010 animated film that got multiple sequels and spin-offs, while Despicable Me just faded into the background. But alas, that’s not the case. This is why we can’t have nice things.