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  • Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

    Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    |      CAROLE BASKIN     |
    |   FED HER HUSBAND   |
    |      TO THE TIGERS       |
              (\__/) ||
              (•ㅅ•) ||
              /   づ

    [📽: Netflix]

    [No. 70 /// 2020]

  • Waitress



    [Chain Reaction Challenge — #6/100]

    What can I say about Waitress that I haven’t already said in an earlier rambling review?

    Well, as it turns out, quite a bit. Because this brilliant film isn’t streaming anywhere anymore, and that’s downright criminal to me. Even worse, its only physical release is an outdated DVD with the most bare-bones of features. So instead of just complaining about it, I decided to complain about it and do something — so I wrote up…

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  • Exporting Raymond

    Exporting Raymond


    As an American TV writer who has worked extensively with foreign executives and directors and producers (especially those hailing from Eastern Europe), it’s hard to think of a more wildly relatable documentary.

    If you want a real look at how bewildering and frustrating and downright surreal the whole development process can be, look no further.

    [📽: Blu-Ray]

    [No. 109 /// 2020]

  • Icarus



    A perfectly-paced rollercoaster ride of a story that would be way too crazy to actually be true if it weren’t Russia we’re talking about here.

    But since it is? Yeah... this seems about right.

    [📽: Netflix]

    [No. 108 /// 2020]

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  • John Mulaney: New in Town

    John Mulaney: New in Town


    13-YEAR-OLD: You don’t make enough progress on your watchlist because you watch John Mulaney’s stand-up specials far too often.

    ME: No! That’s the thing I’m sensitive about!

  • Megamind



    In a perfect world, Megamind would’ve been the 2010 animated film that got multiple sequels and spin-offs, while Despicable Me just faded into the background. But alas, that’s not the case. This is why we can’t have nice things.