La La Land ★★★★★

Ugh, fine. I guess I won’t quit this godforsaken industry and run away to a cabin in the mountains. But only because this movie — this film — re-inspires me every few months or so.

It’s still amazing how true-to-life this feels, especially for (oh lord, he’s about to make it personal, isn’t he?) a struggling writer who (yep, he’s making it personal) lived in a crappy studio apartment on the very street this film was shot (geez, this is even worse than expected) and had just landed his first staff writing job shortly before this premiered. The point is (oh thank god, he’s got a point) that La La Land is nothing short of a masterpiece and I’ll name a ghastly ugly character after anyone who says otherwise (eh, I guess “point” was a loose term then...).

Oh, and Emma Stone is still flawless. Yikes.

[📽: 4K Ultra-HD]

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