Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

Tarantino films are loads of fun.
This film is loads of fun.

It is of course though heavily flawed and certainly one of his weaker films.
But there’s a lot to like about it. For the most part it is pretty entertaining and funny, but there also is a lot of unnecessary (but not boring) scenes. The most notable of which is Sharon Tate going to the cinema. 

Ultimately Rick Dalton’s arc is quite well developed and satisfying in the end, though it takes a long time to get there through somewhat pointless plot-points that never really go anywhere. 

Though the third act was pretty thrilling, I wish it was actually connected to the overall story more, and wasn’t just bridged between with some over-the-top narration that comes out of nowhere. Hateful Eight had the same problem. 

The violent climax was also fun (and disappointingly was the only time the audience actually laughed); though it was hardly developed and felt like Tarantino threw it in there for the sake of ‘Tarantino’.

What IS excellent about this film however is both the acting and the INCREDIBLE production design. How they managed to create that 60s Hollywood feel so perfectly is beyond me. 

Despite also being unnecessary, I loved the drawn out scenes of characters just driving through Hollywood with banging tunes and a stunning aesthetic. They felt so comforting.