Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★½

I was sure I was gonna hate on this after reading reviews and articles about the type of person Vincent Gallo is. First 15 minutes, yep fuck this guy. After the movie, well... I loved everything except Vincent Gallo. This movie is really good when he isn't repeating the same words in the same sentences every 3 seconds and when we see why he's such an awful person in the first place.
The 70s filming style of this is so nice and there were some scenes I thought were really creative including the collage at the beginning and the strip club sequence soundtracked by Yes. A lot of the actors did a fantastic job with the material here, especially Christina Ricci who deserves much better with this role. Still kinda unrealistic any girl would even stay with him lmao.
He'll continue being an egotistical asshole, but at least he made something that was creative and interesting to watch.

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