The Thin Red Line

The Thin Red Line ★★★★

Part of my best war films list

For me this is very much a film of two halves,

The first half plays off the connection between the soldiers and nature during moments of conflict which prove to be both mesmerising and a unique take on the way a war film can be told.

I loved certain scenes where fleeting moments of natural beauty would play out just before something horrific happens, providing a very poignant contrast (this is what I love about Terrence Malick).

I also found it surprising how much I cared for the characters without hardly any backstory surrounding them. The lack of character building reminded me of Dunkirk but managed to pull it off much better up to this point.

The second half however for me lost the same contrast between the beauty of nature and the horrors of war I had found during the start of the film.

I started losing interest during certain points as it became much more like your typical war movie.

I would also have loved to see more of the flashbacks which I found very interesting and I feel could have been used to greater effect during the second leg of the film.

However, the cinematography is on point as per usual with Malick and this is definitely worth the watch just for the first hour alone!

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