Tenet ★★★★½



I saw it exactly 6 hours ago and it is probably Nolan’s most daring film. And definitely his most challenging. The plot can be hard to follow, but I think I actually grasped around 85% of the movie and that is definitely above the average. I will go see it again multiple times to fully understand everything. It is such a complex plot and a difficult story. But, luckily, Nolan mostly pulls the narrative complexities of Tenet off.

Most of my issues lie in the first half and characterization. The big issue with the first half was that it didn’t feel like something created by Nolan. My expectations were unrealistically high, though.
It was like a really good spy film, but something kept it from being a phenomenal, 5/5 movie, and that could be because of the lacking characterization. In fact, The Protagonist doesn’t even have a name. Now, I understand why Chris Nolan did it, but an emotional goal would’ve been great. Kat’s character gets a lot of character, though, and her story was very interesting for me. Kenneth Branagh was extremely scary, mostly because of the horrible actions we see him do. Nolan has pulled off characterization through action very well before and he excelled in it here. 

Luckily, there is plenty to talk about the positives. The movie really picks up and becomes everything I wanted when we get to Tallinn (which, by the way, is where I live). The highway chase is easily one of the best sequences Nolan has ever filmed. It was the first time I got goosebumps. From there, the sci-fi elements really start to come into play and Tenet becomes a huge, genius mindfuck.
One of my friends I was watching the movie with said it is like trying to watch and follow 4D chess and I couldn’t agree more. It is never too convoluted, though. I was able follow pretty much everything going on. It was like a great headache.
But I won’t tell anything more about the plot, because then spoilers would be inevitable. I’ll just say that I was really satisfied with how everything concluded and the third act is full-on bonkers crazy. I loved it.

So, let’s speak of the technical factors. They are all phenomenal. From the magnificent cinematography, beautiful coloring (and genius usage if colors), the all-around impeccable acting with charismatic JDW as the lead and Pattinson as the standout, Ludwig Göransson’s pulsating, synth-fused score (Hans Zimmer will have to really outdo himself with Dune to beat this as my favorite score of the year), and of course, Christopher Nolan’s amazing direction.
He really knows how to blow things up. 

Overall, it is definitely Nolan utilizing everything he’s learned about sci-fi over the years, with his most complex and narratively most challenging plot. It’s highs are some of his highest and its lows, unfortunately, some of his lowest.
Keep in mind that I’ve seen it only once and around 6 hours ago, and probably my opinion will change after a rewatch when more things are clear to me. 

But I can assure you this - the concept and sheer scope and complexity of Tenet won’t leave you disappointed.

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