• Stoker




    was way too tired to understand all of it but park chan-wook directs the fuck out of this. wouldn’t be surprised if one day i watch it again and love it.

  • The Souvenir: Part II

    The Souvenir: Part II



    a true fucking masterpiece, from top to bottom - caused more anxiety than Safdie’s films; made me doubt and reassured every decision i've ever made about wanting to learn film over its emotionally adventurous 108 minutes. illustrates the feeling of not being able to express yourself in any other form besides art perhaps better than anything i've ever seen.

    the *only* way to feel truly fulfilled is by creating something.

    the unfiltered way Hogg puts herself on the screen…

  • The Souvenir

    The Souvenir



    miserably sad British people are just my thing. life creates art, art creates life. so painstakingly raw and true. looks like a fairytale, hurts like a Kenneth Lonergan movie. portrays some of my biggest fears as a person exceptionally, and works thanks to that above all. straight on to Part II

  • Shazam! Fury of the Gods

    Shazam! Fury of the Gods



    yet another entry to the oversaturated market of weak superhero sequels. dreadfully boring villains with unclear motivations, a redundant message of family that we’ve seen a million times, and simply not exciting as a whole. sure, has some cool moments, but severely lacks the heart & wit of the first Shazam!. sad that this bombed so hard, but if i’m being honest, i wouldn’t have gone to see it either if anyone except for David F. Sandberg had been sitting in the director’s chair. Jack Dylan Grazer and Rachel Zegler are the MVPs by *far*

  • Poo, Spring and Others

    Poo, Spring and Others



    a very uneven collection of 5 shorts based on stories by a beloved estonian author Andrus Kivirähk. loved Sitikas Peeter and Kadunud Sokid, thought Pilt, Mis Öösel Liigutas was good, Kaka ja Kevad was very meh, and didn’t like Frikadellid ja Pelmeenid at all. decent watch with some very forgettable parts overall, but can’t deny the fun in the absurdity of it all.

  • The Vacationers

    The Vacationers


    "no muidu ma olen suvel ikka sõpradega; teeme pidu ja; mõni rämmar on päris hull olnud; sa tundud siuke korralik"

    ergo kulla filmid peavad olema apollo rahapesuskeemid. lihtsalt pole võimalik, et keegi seda stsenaariumit loeb ja arvab, et asi väärib mingigi nurga alt filmiks tegemist. lisaks kõigele muule on siin õnnetusehunnikus tõenäoliselt kõige halvem ja vähima näitlejatevahelise keemiaga suudlus, mida kunagi kinoekraanil olen näinud. pime imik lavastaks ka selle paremini. 

    jumal hoidku mind kui järgmise paari kuu jooksul peaksin kuulma mõnda smilersi laulu või nägema hartwalli longerot.

  • Making of The Last of Us

    Making of The Last of Us


    season 1 of The Last of Us was one of those rare pieces of media that truly defined *me* and the first quarter of my 2023. wish this making of special was longer, but loved what i got.

  • God's Creatures

    God's Creatures



    Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri without the gripping characters nor intriguing story. most of God’s Creatures unfortunately comes off surprisingly uninteresting, even with Paul Mescal in the supporting cast. the second half is much better, but that doesn’t save the experience from being a bore.

  • Navalny




    was salty that All The Beauty And The Bloodshed didn't win best documentary, but not going to lie, Navalny is probably the most important doc of 2022. incredibly thrilling and tense. gets a bit too sentimental toward the end, but an incredibly necessary film for everyone to see. fuck putin.

  • Last Sentinel

    Last Sentinel



    Last Sentinel, Tanel Toom's follow-up to his 2019 masterpiece Truth and Justice is a vastly different film - a dystopian sci-fi thriller way more interested in its plot than its four disproportionately interesting characters that takes place entirely on a single outpost, yet provides a tense, well-paced story, effectively proving to any doubters that the director's debut wasn't a fluke. Malachi Smyth's script has some clunky dialogue and structural problems, but Toom's spectacular storytelling is mostly enough to overcome…

  • ReLive


    my latest short film. i am so proud for making this.

    will be public in a few months.

  • Normal People

    Normal People



    writing this while literally bawling my eyes out. last time i cried so much was after Aftersun. noticing a pattern?

    Normal People destoryed me. tore me into a million little pieces and put me back together so much more mature and smarter. it's a painfully beautiful story shot, directed, and put together immaculately well. paul mescal is the sexiest man alive and my favorite actor right now. daisy-edgar jones completely disappears into the role and her nuanced, astonishing portrayal…