Enola Holmes ★★★

I just can't understand why they didn't just let Sherlock and Mycroft be Sherlock and Mycroft? Did they really think it would improve things to change them to make it more of a kid flick? I read these books when I was a preteen and you know what I liked about Sherlock Holmes? How kind and caring and lov- No I liked Sherlock because he was fucking Sherlock Holmes. And I am sure kids today would still like him even though he isn't "likable".

But, for what it is... Henry Cavill does a great job, he should play more caring and empathic heroes, I think he would do a great job. And even though it is hard to look at Sam Claflin after The Nightingale I always enjoy his performances. There is a bit of Malcolm McDowell over him, isn't there? I just wish the two had gotten to play the characters as they are and not these... Disney-fied versions.

But we are here for Enola Holmes. Right?

Well, I like her. I like this world. I kind of wish she had a better case though. Her mother disappears before the movie even begins and that just feels like clumsy setup to me. It just makes it feel less important. So when she stumbles upon another case we don't take that serious either as we are kinda half focused on the first case already.

It's a missed opportunity but I hope we get to see more of these where they just let Enola solve a case... alone.

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