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  • Good Morning

    Good Morning

    Out of the 6 I've seen, this is Ozu's best.

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird

    Makes no effort to differentiate itself from the 1000 angsty coming-of-age movies like it.

  • The Land

    The Land

    Reminiscent of Eisenstein's The General Line/The Old and the New, but less crazy. Flaherty's 40 Minutes of narration could've easily been 10 - 15 short sentences or a couple of title cards. The constant voice reduces the effectiveness of the camera.

  • I Love You, Daddy

    I Love You, Daddy

    Louis C.K. is really good at "life lessons", but a 20 minute TV episode is a more effective medium to communicate them. The most interesting aspect of this movie is the weird meta commentary/homage (on Manhattan? which was already an homage? M E T A ). Almost makes me want to re-evaluate my opinion that homages are inherently garbage. On a technical level this is boring. On a theoretical level this is interesting. Maybe one excuses the other. The postmodern-art-dilemma.