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  • Nine Months

    Nine Months


    If you put in the hard work to sit through the redundancy of an egocentric asshole oppressing his wife set in 70s Hungarian winter industry landscape, then you will be rewarded with some impressive observations, performances and powerful stuff going on. I am really happy to have seen this movie, but the actual act of watching it was no fun. Great ending.

    Does somebody know which lenses this was shot on? Looks absolutely beautiful.

  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Two angel-like, perfectly innocent, all-good characters are the identification figures for the audience to then look down on all the other flawed characters who are actually much closer to being real human beings.
    You could call this misanthropy.

    Also it makes no sense that the old guy didn't think of the morphine overdose being found in the autopsy. So why the throat-slicing?

    I liked the idea of the young woman physically reacting to lying.
    I also liked the lighting and…

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  • ‎The Wedding‎

    ‎The Wedding‎

    “Ich finde, dass Til die Komik ein bisschen vorsichtiger und zarter zelebriert.” – Milan Peschel

  • Stambul Garden

    Stambul Garden


    The directing talent of Ilker Catak is impressive. How do you direct scenes that the viewer sees over and over and over again in movies and series all the time? For example a character dancing drunken because of a loss. Or two best friends reconciling after a fight. Catak manages to give scenes you have already seen dozen of times (and so many times you have seen them totally messed up by the directors) a feeling of plain truth and…