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  • Parasite



    I got to see it in a theatre! I was looking forward to rewatching Parasite and it didn't disappoint. Now I have no problem calling it a masterpiece.

    And all it is, is just a good well made film. It has great music, several sequences, that put me on the edge of my seat. The second half is so full of tension and the release is truly magnificent.

    I have no problems with it. Absolutely none. If you still haven't…

  • El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

    El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie


    After six years, we finally got more Breaking Bad. And I'm so glad we did.

    Warning. I would suggest not reading this review, if you haven't watched Breaking Bad. You've been warned.

    I watched Breaking Bad last year and it quickly became my favourite show. Better Call Saul is in my TOP 5 for sure. Anyway, Jesse Pinkman might be my favourite character. Sure, Walter "Heisenberg" White is a badass, but Jesse was always the more sympathetic of the two.…

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  • Joker



    These controversies just never end, do they?

    So, Joker comes to us from Todd Phillips (strange choice, I know) and it was praised by the critics, even taking home the main prize from Venice. Then the media came along, warning us, that the movie is violent and could cause real life havoc. Reality? Nothing has happened and the movie is fine.

    I would like to say, that I like, that DC is just doing whatever now. Screw logical connections between…

  • The Big Lebowski

    The Big Lebowski


    Can we just agree, that no one will ever be able to replace Philip Seymour Hoffman? Yes?