The Happening

The Happening ★½

Soooooo… ehm, The Happening is… I can't decide if it's a masterpiece of comedy or a horrible piece of filmmaking.

On a technical level, this is the worst movie I've seen from M. Night. The cinematography isn't that good, the framing was absolutely laughable at points.
The opening credits are just shots of clouds with this ominous music. The clouds almost made me laugh and the music insisted so hard, that it's dramatic. James Newton Howard did the soundtrack. And it's bad. I've never thought I'd say that about his work.

You know what, the score could have worked. It sounds like a score from a movie that doesn't take itself very seriously. Which is honestly the tone that The Happening should have gone for.
But it takes itself so seriously it's just funny. Seeing the workers jump off the building at the start was the funniest shit just because of the tone it chose to present.

Anyway, even thought The Happening is worse than The Last Airbender in every objectively measurable way, it does deserve a point for entertainment, something the latter very much lacked.

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