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  • Nighthawks



    Rambo and Lando join forces to take down Roy Batty.

  • Siberia



    A slow and suspensefull burn. With a horrible half-ass script.

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  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Bohemian Rhapsody


    A wonderful homage to Queen and a tremendous performance by Rami Malek. He will be nominated for this one. For sure.
    The first half of the movie seemed a bit rushed, somehow and I wonder if it wouldn`t be more beneficial to the story to show some more guts in the portrayal of Mercurys destruktive lifestyle. It is insinuated more than shown. But in no way is it done bad.
    It is, however, in all the musical scenes this movie truly shines. Studio sessions and concert scenes are absolutely amazing to watch. Absolutely amazing.

  • Overlord



    An interesting take on the "Nazi Zombie" idea.
    Cool setting. Small but very beautiful frame around the story.
    It gets silly ,of course, as horror moves more than often do but the WW2 setting is so good it almost outweight the silliness.

    This one I kind of liked.. Much thanx to some of the cast.