• The Witch

    The Witch


    My fascination for witchcraft and demonology in my late teens and early twenties helped me fule the creation of music and lyrics and artistic imagery through out the 1990ties.

    It also certainly helped making sense out of this weird little movie.

    If you have no prior undersanding of the church's perverted fantasies,of what women would do if they where given freedom,back in the sixteen hundreds than this film must feel worthless.

    I was hesitant through out the first half…

  • The Aeronauts

    The Aeronauts


    Finally watching this movie was like a gust of fresh air in a rather dull time to be a movie fan.
    Being afraid of heights, though, I am kind of glad I saw it at home and not at a movie-theater. But not really. I guess a theatrical experience would be very beneficial in the case of The Aeronauts.


    I liked this semi-autobiographical-adventure-drama, maybe more than it deserves, but never the less. It has a playful victorian look to…

  • 2048: Nowhere to Run

    2048: Nowhere to Run

    The last of three shorts that makes out a prologue to Villeneuves 2049.
    It sure adds a little flavor to the two main BR movies.

  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    This movie gives me the chills !
    It is almost unearthly good looking and sounding.
    It is insanely ambitious and it delivers to an almost absurd degree.
    What a fantastic re-watch.

    Movie love for movie lovers !

  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner


    I love Blade Runner.
    The mood.
    The darkness.
    The tone.
    The sets.
    The visuals.
    The characters.
    The themes.
    Yes.. even that score is growing on me ;)

  • Outside the Wire

    Outside the Wire


    Terminator light with a weird script and no heart or soul.
    Some cool action and ides for sure, and I like both Damson Idris and Anthony Mackie but the lack of focus and direction cuts this movie experience short.

  • Happiest Season

    Happiest Season


    A paint by numbers rom-com with a twist. It has the gay best friend in it and the goofy sibling of course. It has the problematic ex. It has the pruney but understanding mom and the conservative dad that comes around in the end. It is all there.
    The only thing that is "different" is that the romance is between two women.
    The movie is a bit uneven in the performances, but I suspect that is because of the script…

  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7


    Smart, dialogue-driven and full of good performances.
    As we have learned to expect from Aaron Sorkin.
    It seems like the USA have to go through some serious political bullshit every once in a while, to kind of regain its balance, so to speak.
    I really liked this one.

  • mid90s



    When I listen to music, particularly any genre of rock music I often use the term "authentic" to describe why I like something.
    You can not try to be authentic. You can try to sound authentic but it probably won`t feel authentic to me if you do.

    Jonah Hill´s Mid90s has some of that same authenticity. I belive in thees characters. I belive in their interactions with their surroundings.
    I think it is fun, heartwarming, thought provoking and most…

  • Satanic Panic

    Satanic Panic


    This is not a bad movie.. but it is not a very good movie either.
    And if you have decided to spend the time and effort to write and direct something why the flying F""K does this seem like the best go ?
    The movie could have been just a little more serious in tone and it would be a decent horror-movie. The same amount of goofiness would have made it into a propper splatter comedy.
    Satanic Panic is neither nor .

  • Thunderball



    This might be my favorite Bond movie of the era. Perhaps of all time.
    It is perfectly balanced between , what has become the stereotypical James Bond silliness, and pure spy thriller.
    I have always had a soft spot for Thunderball

  • From Russia with Love

    From Russia with Love


    This holds up afther 50+ years.
    A solid spy movie .
    One of the best Bond movies.