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  • Bacurau



    If you like Bacurau I recommend Town in a Lake (2015) ‘Matangtubig’ from the Philippines. For free on youtube, you might like that one, too.

  • Bad Genius

    Bad Genius


    One of the most suspenseful movies I have seen from the recent years. And it doesn’t even need violence, murder, a pandemic or the impending end of the world. Just a couple of schoolkids trying to cheat their way Bop bop bop, bop to the top.
    I really like everything about this movie, the excellent cinematography, the sound, the actors…Some might criticize that the focus is too much on the cheating stuff and not enough on the characters themselves, but…

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  • Theatre: A Love Story

    Theatre: A Love Story


    It's never easy to watch a movie about a couple, which relationship is doomed to fail from the beginning. Especially if the movie is over two hours long. But I liked the movie anyway. I did not found it too depressive, because there are always scenes in which you can witness the positive aspects of their relationship, where both can enjoy happiness.
    And there are not a lot of big fights, which makes it easier to watch (i suffered more…

  • The Burning Buddha Man

    The Burning Buddha Man


    Without any doubt a very unique animation movie. Using the old classic technique of cutout animation, but in a very fresh way Ujicha has created a truly dark and twisted world. But I dislike one thing and that is the design of the main character Beniko, more precisely her extreme facial expressions. I think a more subtle face design would have been a better choice for her. Especially in the first half it´s often too strange so it's sometimes unintentionally…