Yesterday ★★

What started out as an entertaining, yet simple story accompanied by some of the best music ever made, turned out to be very disappointing.
Granted, not much can be expected of a movie with a premise that is this ridiculous (I'd love to know why the only other two people that remembered the Beatles weren't affected by the power-out). But by God, can Ed Sheeran stop his acting career before he is known for being a terrible actor rather than a brilliant musician? And how did the audience at Ed Sheeran's show immediately forgive the man who blatantly plagiarized his ENTIRE musical career? Also, how does the entire world fall for his songs, without any backstory? When Pitbull writes a song people ask no questions about its content, because they don't assume there is any. Song like those written by the Beatles are considered great not just because of their melody or ability to sing along, it's the story behind it. Which apparently only Ed Sheeran finds a bit odd.

At first I was entertained, but I end up being incredibly annoyed. Not so much by the premise of the movie, but by the writer's expectations of mankind's reactions to such an unlikely scenario.