Interstellar ★★★★½

I honestly don't know what to say about this film. You see, it left me completely astonished!
At first, my plan was to write a review completely based on STELLAR puns, but the film was just too friggin' STELLAR to joke about it.

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

But seriously; What Christopher Nolan has created, is nothing but a brilliant piece of... art. Yes, art. It's a complex... journey.. through some quite interesting and fascinating ideas and theories, and among all this, he has managed to create a story that is all thrilling, exciting, tense, beautiful, funny and really emotional, all at the same time. The story is interesting, and although Nolan plays with the line to pure science fiction, it has still a fine realistic sense to it all. It's believable, and never falls in the trap of throwing the moral in our faces.
I honestly haven't seen anything like this film. There were a few - VERY few! - moments I thought "WTF?!", but the general feeling this film gave me, is beyond words.

"Interstellar" is quite simply not a film.
It's an experience!
Now, go and experience it. Go on!
You're worth it!