Under the Silver Lake ★★★½

"I'm not used to being happy."

Between this and Black Panther making animal noises/barking to people seems to be an ongoing trend this year.

Absurd, weird, fun, hazy, summer LA noir ...
These are all words to describe Under the Silver Lake with. 'Boring' is not one of these words. I was very much engaged in the mystery of the film, shown through the heterosexual beta-male perspective of Andrew Garfield's character "Sam" in the very R-rated summer of LA. This actually made me very surprised when they edited the scene with Riley Keough in the pool in such a weird way.

Under the Silver Lake shows nicely how a perverse obsession can result in paranoia, madness and craziness, but also can cause a sense of purpose. Where It Follows raised questions about the narrow-mindedness of sex, Under the Silver Lake may be a warning for the susceptibility of young, lost souls to conspiracy theories and charlatans. It comes together beautifully in a scene halfway through the film, when "Sam" seems to realize for a moment the emptiness of his own existence. "Sam" discovers all these absurdities on his quest to find this girl back, it's actually extremely hilarious at times (ex. the running pirate gag). "Sam" was just this very lazy man it kidn of made me think of The Big Lebowski.Given also that in the theater I saw this in it was very hot, Garfield's mannerisms were just like how i felt sitting there in the heat. This film was a very surreal experience of which I don't really know what to think, actually.

This was a curious film. It is the kind of film that you do not often see: slightly obscure cinema that is certainly not suitable for a large audience. That said, I really like the risks this took and how it took so much on its plate. I enjoyed the journey throughout the film of Garfield breaking these codes and secret messages as to find a certain purpose to his laziness. The conspiracy theories get kind of out of hand but that seemed to just be what this film tried to do. As Andrew Garfield goes on his 'odyssey', I never got tired and kept wanting to find out what was going on. It’s unpredictable and highly engaging. Obviously, not everything got an answer at the end,and thus the mystery of LA continues.

This film has so many meanings and things to say, and so my star-rating is highly variable and completely meaningless.
Luckily, finally rain started pouring from the sky after the movie relieving me from the unbearable heat.