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This review may contain spoilers.

“You asked me to come say goodbye? Sayonara.”

This was the first X-men film that I went to see in theaters. When I first saw it, I loved it with its setting, themes, action and culture. After watching again, while it is not quite as good as I remember it being, it is still a solid X-men film and a HUGE step up from the last Wolverine film. It has a much more interesting story, better characters, stronger performances especially from Hugh Jackmann, the dialogue is better written, a more visually appealing style, much more entertaining set pieces, and a more interesting setting. Japan is one of the coolest cultures in the world in my opinion and the way they explore it in this film is respectful and engaging. There even some powerful themes in the film, like dealing with the guilt of your friends death and what exactly brings honor to a family. However, I do have some issues with this film. I find the supporting characters uninteresting and forgettable with the exception of Yukio, who even then is somewhat underdeveloped. The pacing gets incredibly slow in the second act and the story starts to lose steam at that point. The biggest problem however I have is the main villain. It is just a big cgi robot with the man he saved in the war hiding inside the suit. I find it very lackluster and it breaks the tone the film was going for in the first hour and thirty minutes.

The Wolverine is an entertaining but underwhelming entry in this franchise. It did not hold up for me as well as I hoped it would. While I still enjoy and appreciate the themes it tackles, I felt that there was a lot to be desired in the end, especially with the climatic fight. Still, it is ten times better than X-Men Origins Wolverine could ever be in my opinion.

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