Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★½

The MCU has been a franchise I've been dependant on for 10 years, it helped me through moving across the country multiple times, depression, leaving my family and seeing some of them pass, its a franchise of movies that I am so invested in, I feel like they're family.

That being said, I was so fucking hyped for this but I had my expectations in check. There's so much I wanted from this, but I didn't know how much would be met/surpassed or even left behind. But my trust in the Russos' was not misplaced. Here they've done the impossible, juggled 30 odd characters into 4 or 5 narratives, giving each one emotional drive while being unique in tone content and stakes. You see characters you love, new characters, characters you forgot about, there are characters we love meeting each other, and characters we love reuniting. All while being driven by one linear line and intersecting and correlating with the driving narrative, Thanos' quest for the stones.

Right off the bat, with Brolin's exceptional performance and what happens, we're told this ain't your momma's MCU movie. Shit is going to go down. Through many excellent performances (Highlights being Hemsworth, Saldana, Downey Jnr and obviously Brolin), multiple amazing, otherworldly and fantastical set pieces, brilliant unique scene humour that correlates to the characters on screen, some surprises, and a few emotional gut punches here and there, Mcfeeley, Markus and the Russos have created a film that will stand the test of time as being the superhero blockbuster where everything changed.

Thank you, I'm truly living in a golden age where I got to see this on opening day with a crowd of people just like me were electric and we experienced this journey together, holding our breath for the last 10 minutes and letting it out to cry.

Expectations, defied.

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