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  • Good Morning

    Good Morning


    You can listen to mine and RJ's review of this super charming, beautifully shot, family drama that also happens to feature lots of farts here.

  • The Dark Backward

    The Dark Backward


    This movie is definitely not for everyone, but fortunately it was for me!

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  • Dreamcatcher


    My dad and sister went to this in theatre and I always remember them saying how the theatre had printed out a sign saying 'no refunds' over this movie's poster.

    Studio outsider art.

  • Satan War

    Satan War


    My $w33t $@t@n & b1@ck m@$$3$

    Shit kettle... moving chairs of doom... floral wallpaper... The Entity territory... a biker gang movie, but they are invisible demon ghosts... That Synth...the wood paneling... shag carpet. This is actually why YouTube exists.

    (The last segment of this is total garbage though.)